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INNODRIVE project has two publication series

INNODRIVE Working Paper Series

No. 1 - Görzig, B., Piekkola, H. and Riley R. (2010), Production of intangible investment and growth: Methodology in INNODRIVE. [PDF]

No. 2 - Piekkola, Hannu (2010), Intangibles: Can They Explain the Unexplained? [PDF]

No. 3 - Roth, Felix & Thum, Anna-Elisabeth (2010), Does intangible capital affect economic growth? [PDF]

No. 4 - Mortensen, Jorgen (2010). Living Standards in an Ageing, Greener, Knowledge Economy: Towards a period of lean cows? [PDF]

No. 5 - Görzig, Bernd (2010). Eukleed, an establishment level comprehensive data base for Germany [PDF]

No. 6 - Görzig, Bernd & Gornig, Martin (2010). Intangibles, Can They Explain the Dispersion in Return Rates? [PDF]

No. 7 - Nilsen, O. A., Raknerud, A., Rybalka, M. and Skjerpen T. (2010). Technological changes and skill composition, Evidence from matched employer-employee data [PDF]

No. 8 - Ilmakunnas, Pekka & Piekkola, Hannu (2010). Intangible investment in people and productivity [PDF]

No. 9 - Geppert, Kurt & Neumann, Anne (2010). Regional patterns of intangible capital, agglomeration effects and localised spillovers in Germany [PDF]

No. 10 - Jona-Lasinio, C., Iommi M. & Manzocchi S. (2011). Intangible capital and Productivity Growth in European Countries [PDF]

No. 11 - Melitz, Marc & Polanec, Saso (2011). Dynamic Olley-Pakes Decomposition with Entry and Exit [PDF]

No. 12 - Jurajda, Stepan & Stancik, Juraj (2011). Organization and Firm Performance in the Czech Republic [PDF]

No. 13 - Jurajda, Stepan (2011). Regional Divergence and Returns to Schooling [PDF]

No. 14 - Riley, Rebecca & Robinson, Catherine (2011). UK Economic Performance: How Far Do Intangibles Count? [PDF]

No. 15 - Riley, Rebecca & Robinson, Catherine (2011). Agglomeration Spillovers from Intangible Capital: An Analysis of UK City Regions [PDF]

No. 16 - Asplund, Rita & Napari, Sami (2011). Intangibles and the gender wage gap: An analysis of gender wage gaps across occupations in the Finnish private sector [PDF]

No. 17 - Asplund, Rita & Napari, Sami (2011). Intangible capital and wages: An analysis of wage gaps across occupations and genders in Czech Republic, Finland and Norway [PDF]

No. 18 - Majcen, B., Verbic, M. and Polanec, S. (2011). Innovativeness and Intangibles: The Case of Slovenia [PDF]

No. 19 - Nilsen, O. A., Raknerud, A. and Skjerpen T. (2011). Worker and Firm Heterogeneity Identifying the Return to Education in a Wage Equation [PDF]

No. 20 - Piekkola, Hannu (2010). Intangible capital agglomeration and economic growth: An Analysis of Regions in Finland [PDF]

No. 21 - Mortensen, Jorgen (2012). Intangible Capital in Business and National Accounting and Economic Analysis [PDF]

INNODRIVE Final Conference Proceedings

Majcen, B., Verbic, M. and Polanec, S. (2011). Innovativeness and Intangibles: The Case of Slovenia [PDF]

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