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News Archive

20.5.2011 Innodrive Database released
28.2.2011 Innodrive final conference held in Brussels on 22nd and 23rd February 2011
16.12.2010 Innodrive in EUKLEMS and Beyond Seminar
16.12.2010 Innodrive in Intereconomics Innovation Forum
28.9.2010 Innodrive Workshop held in Berlin on 16. – 17. September 2010
10.2.2010 Innodrive in a EU-2020 strategy meeting for Innovation-related projects
Innodrive in European Commission Research website [1][2]
15.6.2009 Report on Data Gathering and Estimations for the Innodrive Macro approach 
(Deliverable No. 15, WP9) published
1.6.2009 Report on Data Gathering and Estimations in Innodrive using Firm-Level Data (LEED in micro approach) (Deliverable No. 14, WP3-8) published
1.6.2009 State of arts in research on the economics of intangibles (Deliverable No. 12,WP2) published


Policy Briefs published

9.5.2009 Innodrive website online











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