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Berlin Workshop 16.-17. September 2010

16 – 17. September 2010 (Berlin, Germany): INNODRIVE – project organised a two-day workshop to discuss the new macro data on intangibles and its connection to economic performance indicators, to compare the different structures of intangible investment across countries as well as to discuss micro data on intangibles. A further objective was to discuss different methodologies of collecting macro intangibles and the measurement of GDP as well as to analyse deviations between INNODRIVE and COINVEST data.



WP9: Intangible Capital and Productivity Growth in European countries - Cecilia Jona-Lasinio, Massimiliano Iommi, LUISS

WP9: Intangible Capital and Economic Growth - A Cross-Sectional and Panel Analysis - Felix Roth, CEPS [Working paper]

WP3: Innovativeness and Intangibles: The Case of Finland - Hannu Piekkola, UNIVAASA

WP2: INNODRIVE: Firm-Level Production of Intangible Assets - Bernd Görzig, DIW

WP6: UK Economic Performance: How Far Do Intangibles Count? - Rebecca Riley, NIESR

WP8: Czech Republic Micro-Approach Update - Stepan Jurajda, EI

WP4: Intangible Capital and Labour Productivity: Evidence from Germany - Kurt Geppert, Anne Neumann, DIW

WP10: Intangible capital and compensation differences - Rita Asplund, Sami Napari, ETLA

WP10: Living standards in an ageing greener knowledge economy - Jorgen Mortensen, CEPS

Macro v.s. Micro Comparisons of Intangible Capital: The Case of Germany and the U.S. - Kirsten Jäger, The Conference Board

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Financed under the EU FP7 grant number 214576