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UPDATE: INNODRIVE Intangibles Database released

INNODRIVE Intangibles Database consists of the National Intangibles Database and the Company Intangibles Database.

INNODRIVE National Intangibles Database provides time series of the Gross Fixed Capital Formation for different intangible capital components for the EU-27 countries and Norway. Capital stocks and modified National Accounts series (consistent with New Intangible GFCF) are available only for a subgroup of countries. Current release (May 2011) of the National Intangibles Database covers years from 1995 to 2005.

INNODRIVE Company Intangibles Database provides information on the the share and wages of workers in intangible capital related occupations in six countries (Finland, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Czech Republic). Aggregated firm-level data on different intangible capital components if also provided. The time coverage of the Company Intangibles Database varies from country to country.

For an overview of the methodology and main results, see: Piekkola, H. (ed.), "Intangible Capital – Driver of Growth in Europe".

INNODRIVE National Intangibles Database

Core files
Gross Fixed Capital Formation, current prices, 1995-2005
Real Fixed Capital Stock, 1995 prices, 1995-2005
National Accounts series consistent with New Intangible GFCF, 1995-2005
Complementary files
All Core files in one combined ZIP-file
Summary Excel file, including figures

INNODRIVE Company Intangibles Database

INNODRIVE Company Intangibles Database

Correct citation of the database: "INNODRIVE Intangibles Database, May 2011, http://www.innodrive.org/"

The construction of this dataset has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme under Grant Agreement no: 214576. For comments and suggestions, please contact: macrodata@innodrive.org

Latest News

20.5.2011 Innodrive Database released
28.2.2011 Innodrive final conference held in Brussels on 22nd and 23rd February 2011









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